Hara Hackett, Owner and President of NDR

Why Dog Running?

Our Mission

Copryright 2014 Nashville Dog Runnerâ„¢

Cleo, a beautiful black lab,  with whom I recently ran.

100 % Satisfaction Guarantee!

We promise to make your experience just right.  If for some reason you feel that we didn't live up to your expectation, we'll come back and do it until it's perfect!

So many dogs are overweight and under-exercised.  Over 40% of the dogs in the US fall into this category.  Not only is this unhealthy, but it frequently leads to other behavior problems.  

Nashville Dog Runner â„¢ will provide you with the best service in dog running/ walking and pet-sitting.  When your busy schedule does not allow you to leave your office in the middle of the day to walk Fido,  we  will be there to help.  We love dogs (and cats) and know how important they are in your life.  When you can't be there, you will know that we are loving and caring for your dog, just the way you do.  We also pet-sit in the comfort of your home!