Nashville Dog Runner™ will provide you with the best service in dog running/ walking and pet-sitting.  When your busy schedule does not allow you to leave your office in the middle of the day to walk Fido,  we  will be there to help.  We love dogs (and cats) and know how important they are in your life.  When you can't be there, you will know that we are loving and caring for your dog, just the way you do.  We also pet-sit in the comfort of your home!


  • 30 minute run / $30
  • 30 minute walk / $25 
  • Dog Sitting / $65 per day. Includes three visits, with a 30 minute walk at  each
  • Cat Sitting / $25 per day
  • Dog and Cat Sitting / $65 (one dog and one cat)
  • Additional dog / $10 per day
  • Pet Taxi / Request Quote
  • Meet and Greet:  $30.00 Our first visit in your home, together with you and your pup, walk in your neighborhood, on your preferred route

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Dog Running
$30.00 half hour

Your dog will get to run for 30 minutes.  

Dog Walking

$25.00 half hour

If you you find that your dog prefers walking to running, or your pup is older, we'll be happy to walk him/her.

Dog Sitting

$65.00 per day- 3 visits

We will take care of your dog and other pets while you are out of town.  No more worrying about kennels, pet hotels, and vacancies.  We come to your home, where your pet is in the comfort of his own environment.  We will give your dog three 25 minute walks, with plenty of play time.   Dog care is $65.00 per day.  Cat care is $25.00 per day.  Additional smaller animals?  We do it all.   We will be happy to bring in your mail and water your plants for no additional charge.​